Barnes & Mullins UBJ2 Banjolele

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The Barnes and Mullins UBJ2 Banjo-lele is a characterful little instrument. Made in the old-time tradition of many open back banjo-ukes before it, the UBJ2 is scaled and strung as a Ukulele. Although not as loud as its resonator-equipped sibling - the UBJ1 - the tone produced is sweet and mellow.


Style: Ukulele Banjo Open Back Body
Size: Soprano, 6 inches diameter
Dowel: Single Metal Dowel Rod
Neck: Maple
Resonator: Mahogany
Bridge: Maple with Ovengkol tip
Fingerboard: Ovengkol
Rim: Maple
Bracket Qty: 10
Head: Remo Coated
Machineheads: Open Gear