Carlsbro Kickstart 10

Carlsbro Kickstart 10


The KS10 is our lowest wattage entry-level guitar amplifier, with an ample 10W of power boasting solid clean tones, with smooth diode overdrive. These options are both controlled by an comprehensive EQ section and made to shimmer with an individually controlled reverb option. We have also added to option to plug-in audio/MP3 and headphones – to make the KS10 a versatile and powerful beginner/practise/convenient option for musicians where space and noise is limited.



  • A large tonal pallet of clean, overdrive, full EQ control and Reverb

  • Compact, portable 10W practise amp

  • Audio/MP3 in capability for listening or jamming to songs

  • Headphone out disables the speaker out for silent playing situation