CB Drums 20" Rock Fusion Kit (Preowned)

CB Drums 20" Rock Fusion Kit (Preowned)

Preowned CB Drums 20" Rock Fusion Drum Kit in good condition. 5 piece kit in metallic wine red finish with hardware and cymbals. In good condition, showing a few marks to the shells with one major dint and some slight rust to some of the kick drum brackets.  


Kit Includes:

20" Kick Drum

16" Floor Tom

14" Snare Drum

10" & 12" Mounted Toms

2x Unbranded Cymbals: 1x Crash/Ride, 1x Hi-Hat Pair.

Double Braced Hardware: 1x Straight Stand, 1x Hi-Hat Stand

Mapex Kick Pedal


*Drum Throne not included