Fret King Line Doctor

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f you're playing big stages where you need long guitar leads, or if you're using true bypass effects pedals, you need to pay a visit to the Fret-King Line Doctor.
Basically, the more stuff that gets between your guitar and your amp, the more your tone – and volume – will suffer, and we can't have that. The Line Doctor is a simple yet ingenious buffer circuit that, when activated, will gently boost your flagging signal, replacing anything that has been lost somewhere along the way.
That means you're free to use as many true bypass stompboxes as you like, and your lead can be 20ft long – or 200ft! The Fret-King Line Doctor doesn't discriminate, and will bring your tone back to full health whatever the conditions.
Inputs: 2
Outputs: 2
On/Off:  Foot switchable
LED:  Effects On/Off
Casing:  Die cast aluminium
Battery:  9V (included)
9v Power Supply (not supplied): Compatible -ve center
Trev Wilkinson has drawn on his extensive collection of the world's most collectible 'holy grail' effects pedals as the inspiration to create these desirable players' tools. Fret-King pedals are classically and authentically voiced to re-create tones you'll recognise from some of the most iconic sounds produced by the greatest bands and players since rock began. The Line Doctor gives you your tone back.