Korg Triton LE61 (Preowned)

Korg Triton LE61 (Preowned)

Preowned Korg Triton LE in very good condition. Features 61 keys with velocity and aftertouch sensitivity. Also includes an on board stereo sampler with 16MB RAM and space for up to 1000 samples. Controls include a Joystick, 2 assignable switches, 4 assignable knobs, 3 arpeggiator control knobs and inputs for a damper pedal, PC Interface Host and 2 audio-ins for the sampler section. There's also stereo outputs and 4 individual outputs. In very good condition, showing a few scratches to the unit mainly by the joystick (see photos) but no notable signs of wear. Includes original manuals and the dedicated power supply.



61‑ or 76‑note keyboard, with velocity and aftertouch.

Four Banks of Programs (A‑D) plus a GM sound set.

Three Banks of Combinations (A‑C).

62‑note polyphony.

64Mb maximum sample RAM.

32Mb of waveform ROM.

200,000‑note sequencer (resolution 192ppqn).

Two main stereo effects processors, one stereo insert effect, master EQ.

SmartMedia storage slot.

External power supply.

240 x 64‑pixel display.

Two main and two auxiliary outputs.

Optional EXB‑SMPL sampling board.