Mapex Storm 20" Special Edition Black (No Cymbals)

Mapex Storm 20" Special Edition Black (No Cymbals)


The Special Edition Mapex Storm Rock set is the most complete drum set for the first time player. It includes double-braced stands as well as a 400 series drum throne. The all poplar shells have the Mapex SONIClear™ bearing edge making tuning a breeze while giving the drums plenty of tone. The 20" bass drum delivers a punchy low end.


  • The 5-Piece Rock Kit includes 10" and 12" bass-mounted rack toms, a 14" floor tom, a 14" snare drum, and a 20" bass drum. The smaller and shallower rack toms make placement easier and overall set-up more comfortable while the large floor tom delivers a big sound.
  • The included hardware make this drum set a complete package. Hardware includes a TH656 rack toms mount, a B400 Boom Stand, a C400 Cymbal Stand, a H400 Hi-Hat stand, and a S400 Snare Stand.
  • The Special Edition Storm Includes a T400 throne making this a complete set-up for one attractive price.



  • 20" Bass Drum
  • 10" & 12" Toms
  • 14" Floor Tom
  • 14" Snare
  • Poplar Shells (7.2 mm)
  • Matching Snare Drum
  • Gloss Black
  • Chrome
  • 400 Series Double Braced Stands and Bass Drum Pedal
  • SONIClear™ Bearing Edge
  • Single Point Contact Lugs
  • Included T400 throne


*Cymbals not included

  • Add a set of Paiste 101s (Hi-Hats, Crash and Ride) for an additional £150.