Stagg DH Medium Splash 12"

Stagg DH Medium Splash 12"

Used primarily to accent a beat or add versatility to your drum kits sound, the Stagg 12" DH Medium Splash can be implemented within a number of different genres to create an abundance of differing timbres.

With a dual hammered hand finish , the Stagg 12" DH Medium Splash can cut through any mix and put the drummer right at the forefront of the show. A professional range made for professional players, the Stagg DH series create dynamic overtones, optimal projection and exceptional individuality.


The hand hammering process allows for a calculated distribution of sound, making the overall frequency dispensation balanced and comprehensively rounded. Designed for professional players, the cymbal is adept at achieving unprecedented tone and projection whilst being consistently reliable thanks to its high quality manufacture.


  • Diameter: 12"
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Finish: 'Brilliant'