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Stagg SH Medium Hi-Hats 14"

Stagg SH Medium Hi-Hats 14"

The Stagg 14" SH Medium Hi-Hat is a classically cast cymbal at a price that is within reach of drummers of all abilities. The Stagg 14" SH Medium Hi-Hat is just as likely to be heard as part of a pro set up as it is upon a novice's. The cymbal allows for a multitude of traditional timbres due to its dynamic and versatile nature.


Designed to cover a large range of different genres, the SH Medium Hi-Hat excels where more specialist cymbals fail. Whereas specialist cymbals tend to restrict the drummer to a particular style, the SH Medium Hi-Hat allows for a fully comprehensive use that can be implemented into any musical genre. With a sweet sound, bright bell and great stick definition, the Hi-Hat possesses a definitive yet multi faceted sound.



  • Diameter: 14
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Finish: Brilliant

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