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Tanglewood Reunion TRSF CE BW LH Left Handed

Tanglewood Reunion TRSF CE BW LH Left Handed

The Reunion series of guitars is the result of our dedication to empowering musicians at the start of their musical voyage. Designed with a keen eye on delivering the best value, these guitars are a fusion of craftsmanship and innovation, offering a gateway to the world of music without compromise.


Each guitar in the Reunion series boasts a cedar top, renowned for its soulful and resonant tones. But that’s not all – for those seeking a truly exceptional sound, one model in the series features a figured Ebony top, adding a touch of luxury to your musical expression.


To create a truly diverse range, the back and sides of these guitars are meticulously crafted from a selection of exotic woods, including Hawaiian Rainwood, Ebony, Pacific Walnut, and Black Walnut. These premium tonewoods infuse each guitar with its distinct character, delivering a rich palette of tones to suit every musical style.




SHAPELeft Handed Super Folk
TOPAustralian Red Cedar
BACKBlack Walnut
SIDESBlack Walnut
STRINGSBronze 12-53
FINISHNatural Satin
Full SpecificationTRSFCEBWLH
    £359.00 Regular Price
    £249.00Sale Price

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