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Demiurge Instruments Arcade Device (Preowned)

Demiurge Instruments Arcade Device (Preowned)

Preowned Demiurge Instruments Arcade Device square wave fuzz pedal in very good condition. Features mode, lfo (low frequency oscillator), pwm and octave switches, and level, rate, width and blend control knobs. In very good condition, showing minimal signs of wear with just a few small scuffs to the casing.


PWM switch - this toggles between 'pwm' or 'octave up' 
WIDTH pot - this controls either the width of the square wave (pwm) or the intensity of the octave up 

BLEND pot - mixes between 'either PWM or Octave up' and the 'Octave Down' 

OCTAVE switch - This toggles between one or two octaves down 
MODE switch - this turns the Octave down on or off (except when the LFO is on) 

LFO switch - turns on/off the modulation that is alternating between one or two octaves down, or: 
MODE switch - Toggles between either one or two octaves down or just one octave down and unison or a choppy tremolo of the octave down (depending on how the mix is set)


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