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Pick Geek Pick Tin Delrin

Pick Geek Pick Tin Delrin

Who said giving a geeky gift wasn’t cool?


Not Pick Geek Guitar Picks. We’re upping the ante on novelty to bring trendy cool to well-strummed guitars worldwide.





✔ 16 Pick Geek picks, in various trendy colours, and conveniently stored in a metal 'click-clack' box that celebrates geekdom, what more could a picker ask for?


✔ The unique circular click-clack box fit easily into any pocket or guitar case, and is opened by pressing on the centre of the lid (click!), and then closed by squeezing gently on the sides (clack!).


✔ Quality is assured by hand packing each container, and then adding a five year, no hassles replacement guarantee.


✔ And as if that wasn’t enough, the pick boxes are being shipped in a stunning Kraft gift box, offering a bit of flare and making it an easy purchase for players of all styles and levels.

Pick Geek custom pick sets make a practical gift for both guitar and bass players, and take the guesswork out of finding the perfect pick product or gift for any time of the year. 


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