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Sonic Energy

by Meinl

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Singing Bowls

Singing bowls produce soothing tones when tapped or rubbed. In many countries, singing bowls are popular utensils during meditation. In addition to that, they are used in sound therapies. Rarer is the use as a pure musical instrument. Meinl Sonic Energy offers a wide range of singing bowls in special bronze alloy and in high-purity quartz.

Steel Tongue Drums

These small drums consist of a steel resonance body and various tone fields that are harmonious in themselves. Their pentatonic tuning makes it impossible to play wrong-sounding notes - perfect for beginners. The meditative, soothing sound inspires meditation, sound therapy and percussion fans worldwide.



The African thumb piano, or kalimba is a percussion instrument consisting of a number of thin metal blades (keys) mounted on a soundbox or soundboard. Some kalimbas have a sound hole in the middle, some are made from solid wood and some can produce a soothing Wah-wah sound.


Chimes are wonderful tools for meditation, relaxation, and sound healing practices. Available in a range of materials such as wood and metal, chimes produce a calming and melodic sound that helps to reduce stress and promote mindfulness. From wind chimes to hand chimes, there are many types of chimes to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect sound for any practice.

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