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Vintage VJ75M NAT

Vintage VJ75M NAT

The Vintage VJ75 ReIssued Series is the ideal choice for bass players looking for tight, solid, extended low frequencies within high quality 5 string bass guitars.


With a reputation as a workhorse 5 string bass guitar among professionals, semi-professionals and bass players around the world, the exceptionally well built Vintage VJ75 ReIssued Series models are also perfect for bassists making the 4 – 5 string transition and to enjoy the sonic versatilities and the physical benefits of an extra low B string.


The Vintage 5 string VJ75 ReIssue Maple Fingerboard bass guitar with a beautiful natural ash finish, is a fine example indeed of this classic bass guitar’s timeless design. It goes without saying that ash of course, with its wide distinctive grain pattern, looks stunning to the eye under a skilfully applied clear translucent finish, seen here on this bass.


Ash is also a popular choice within the world of highly skilled bass guitar luthiers for its strength within construction and, for its ability as a superior tonewood to distribute an equally fine balance of high, and low frequencies, with a slightly scooped mid-range. A pair of Wilkinson WOJB5 single coil pickups are the perfect choice to enhance this tight, piano-like tone, with extended clarity and articulation.


Pair ash with the VJ75’s bolt-on, hard maple neck and maple fingerboard featuring black, block fretboard position markers and you know you just can’t go wrong for rocky-blues bass, or, just wind the tone control back a tad and enter a whole new world of jazzy, mellow soothing bass lines. The neck is sleek, fast and palm friendly as notes seem to leap off the fingerboard with all the sonic benefits of that added low B string. 


Smooth open-geared Wilkinson machine heads and a friction-free white graphite precision cut nut, ensure tuning stability, while the fully adjustable Wilkinson bridge increases sustain and ensures accurate string intonation.


The sonic versatility of this classic 5 string bass design has proven itself over the years as the perfect bass guitar for practically any style of music and, with its characteristic narrow neck design and medium weight tonewood construction, playing a 2 hour gig is just not a problem.   


Plucked, picked, slapped, strapped or lapped, the Vintage VJ75 ReIssued Maple Fingerboard 5 string Bass, with its handsome natural ash finish is a real winner. Play on.


VJ75 Features:

Body: Ash body provides resonance, tone and ‘correct weight’ comfort, enhanced with correctly radiused contoured body.

Neck: Hard Maple bolt on neck for instant comfort, speed, accuracy and great feel.


Scale Length: 34" / 864mm.

Frets: 20 Medium profile frets add to comfort, accuracy and overall positive feel of the Vintage VJ75.


Neck Inlays: Black block.

Nut: 39mm white graphite stays friction-free to aid tuning and playability.

Scale Length: 864mm/34".


Bridge: Adjustable.

Machine heads: Wilkinson WJBL175 ensure smooth and stable tuning.

Pickups: Two Wilkinson WOJB5F (N), WOJB5R (B) single coil pickups for ultimate clarity and articulation. Features chrome pickup cover.

Controls: Two Volume and one tone.

Headstock: Classic Vintage headstock design for balance and visual appeal.

The VJ75™ is an original Vintage® ReIssued Series bass designed and created in the UK by the Vintage design team.

    £459.00 Regular Price
    £329.00Sale Price

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