Marshall MG50FX (Preowned)
  • Marshall MG50FX (Preowned)

    Preowned Marshall MG50FX in excellent condition. 50 Watt amp with 12” speaker and gold panel design casing.

    Includes 4 channels: Clean / Crunch and Overdrive 1 / Overdrive 2 which can also be changed using the footswitch provided. Features a 3 band EQ, a choice of 4 delay settings and 2 reverb settings. Also includes built in chorus, phaser, flanger and octave effects and an effects loop for attaching other effects pedals. A line out socket provides output through headphone and a built in tuner is also provided as well as a storage bank for creating custom sound channels.

    In excellent condition showing very minimal signs of wear - original label still attached to the handle. Footswitch and mains lead included.